Professional Kitchen Details brings the finer points of dining to everyday meals while making your life easier, healthier and more delicious. 

 Chef Jeff creates custom menus from seasonal ingredients tailored to your family’s taste buds, comes to your house to prepare the meals and leaves you with wholesome food to enjoy throughout the week. 

 With the every day hustle and bustle of San Francisco, the ultimate goal of this service is to get families back to the dinner table to enjoy a convenient, affordable, and stress-free way of eating together. Jeff takes the stress out of dinner. 

Professional Kitchen Details makes it easy and enjoyable to eat healthier, stay fit and keep control of your diet. Take back the time in your day lost to thinking about what to cook, shopping for food, cooking, cleaning up, planning or waiting for takeout. 

With Professional Kitchen Details Chef Jeff creates custom menus for your approval, you'll never have to sit and wonder what you feel like having.